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October 15, 2014

I have the utmost respect and gratitude for Dr. Woloszyn, as a result of the superb medical care I received from him for a hereditary condition I have in my hand. I had a condition known as Dupuytren’s contracture, which is a thickening and tightening of the tissue in the palm of my hand. When left untreated, the condition causes restricted movement of the ring and pinky fingers. I’ve had the condition for all of my adulthood (I’m 63), and probably waited far too long to see Dr. Woloszyn.

In February 2014, Dr. Woloszyn performed surgery to remove the damaged connective tissue in my hand. Now, seven months after the surgery, I am essentially fully recovered. My range of motion and strength are remarkable in such a short recovery period. In the same procedure, Dr. Woloszyn also performed a carpal tunnel release in the wrist of the same hand, which was also successful.
Throughout all my visits and consultations, Dr. Woloszyn exhibited professionalism, full and open communication on the causes, treatment, and prognosis of my case, which immeasurably helped me through the entire process. Despite the long length of the incision that had to be made to remove a significant mass of tissue from my palm, I have minimal scarring from the surgery. Dr. Woloszyn’s surgical technique is beyond reproach. I would strongly recommend Dr. Woloszyn to anyone.

-Steven Schwaber
Wall, NJ

June 23, 2014

I have been a patient of Dr. Wolozsyn for a few months now, and have had two operations. The first one was for my left wrist, for carpal tunnel decompression. A few months later, he did the same for my right wrist. On both occasions, Dr. Wolozsyn was very professional and comforting. He made sure to answer all my questions as well as calm my nervousness. Even during my clinic visits, I never felt rushed or ignored. He has wonderful bedside manners, making sure that I was not in any pain or discomfort, and always following up on my progress. If anyone ever asks me to recommend any hand surgeon, he will be at the top of my list.

-Besilda Simeon

Oct 17, 2013

Previous to seeing Dr. Woloszyn I had been to another hand surgeon who only prescribed physical therapy one time a week for each hand ­ which was not working. I had terrific pain and numbness daily while doing my job as a Word Processor at a busy law firm in Manhattan. I sought out Dr. Woloszyn for a second opinion and he sent me out for a neurological exam that determined that my case was more extensive than the first doctor diagnosed. After determining that I needed surgery I was picked up on the designated date and driven to his surgical suites in New Jersey where the staff was highly professional and courteous and after surgery I was driven back to my home. Both of my minimally invasive surgeries, 2 months apart, were a great success and now I am back to work with barely visible incisions marks and I am using my hands once again with no pain. Thanks so much for your expertise and great care Dr. Woloszyn.

-William Taylor

Oct 2nd, 2013

In December 2012 I developed an infection in the base of my left hand thumb from a cut. My doctor gave me antibiotics to cure the infection. However, I found moving my left thumb difficult and painful. The finger seemed snagged on something. I went to see Dr. Woloszyn who advised I had trigger thumb. A tendon in my thumb was caught on a sheath around the tendon. In July 2013 Dr. W. operated on the base of the thumb and released the tendon. Now the pain is gone, and I have full use of my left thumb – a critical finger. Thank you Dr. Woloszyn for taking care of a vexing and painful problem, and thank you Edith (office manager) for handling admin details.

-Harold Diamond

Aug 14th, 2013

Three years ago Dr. Woloszyn performed carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand. I suffered with both hands for many years. I felt the most pain at night. Both hands would go numb and begin to sting. I wasn’t able to sleep without a brace on both hands. After the surgery I haven’t slept with a brace on my right hand since then. I was so pleased with the his work that I recently did my left hand. I am now free from numbness during the day and pain at night. It’s a quick procedure that doesn’t leave any mark behind. I am so happy I met you, thank you Dr. Woloszyn.

-Gloria Morales



Dr. Woloszyn was excellent in explaining everything to me. The wait in the office to be seen was short. The office staff were very courteous and helpful. Thank you Dr. Woloszyn and Staff for your excellent service.-L.P.

After getting daignosed with carpal tunnel syndrome from a highly-recommended hand specialist with Mt Sinai Hospital in NYC, I went to another top hand guy at Hospital for Special Surgery to get a second opinion. Both big-shot NYC doctors said surgery was required and that they will be slitting my hand open from wrist to palm. Luckily, I found Dr Woloszyn and decided to have him perform the minimally invasive procedure. The Hand Treatment Center, where Dr Woloszyn operates, in Middletown, NJ has a very caring and professional staff. The surgery went quickly and easily and I had almost no pain from the operation. Recovery was quick and, once the bandage came off, I was able to use my hand normally. This would not have been the case if I had allowed either of the “highly-rated” Manhattan surgeons to work on my hand. The overall experience and result could not have been better. Thank you Dr. Woloszyn!

-Michael Haddad

Apr 17th, 2012

I was very lucky when i found Dr. Woloszyn after two unsuccessful other Dr. appointments and opinions who told me that surgery can work 50%, no guarantee. Dr. Woloszyn spends a lot of time with you addressing issues and concerns one has and explaining everything, unlike other dr who take less then 5 min to get you out of the door.he performed bone graft surgery on my son’s wrist after almost two years of having a broken/decayed bone. the surgery was successful and follow up, up to 6 months after surgery. I would recommend this Dr to anyone not 5* but 10*, very humane, treats you nice, with respect and most of all knows what he is doing. i thank him very very much for everything he did for my son’s hand. Read the review on vitals.com

What a pleasure it is to work with Dr. Woloszyn at The Hand Treatment Center. His professionalism combined with his down to earth personality make it very easy to communicate. Very knowledgable and passionate about his practice. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to help with carpal tunnel or any other hand surgery procedure.

-Shawn Drone

by J P. at Judy`s Book on Jul 15th, 2005 on judysbook.com

My husband had an accident at work, and fell and broke several bones in his hand. His doctor recommended Dr. Woloszyn. He did an excellent job putting a pin in the broken bones. He is also a plastic surgeon and he put the stitches in such a way that it left hardly any scars. it’s about a year later, and you can’t even see where the incision was. After the surgery, Dr. Woloszyn sent my husband for physical therapy at his office for a certain number of weeks. Because of Dr. Wolszyn, my husband has full use of his hand, and you would never know that anything was ever wrong with it. No visible scars and full use of his hand.
Read the review on vitals.com

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