Burn Syndactyly Release with Jumping Man Z=Plasty and FTSG. 

Burn syndactyly and web space involvement is common after thermal injury of the hands. Full abduction of digits is necessary for full hand function and therefore release and reconstruction of web space contractures is recommended. A jumping man 5 flap Z-Plasty for the fourth webspace, a standard Z-Plasty for the third webspace and a Full thickness skin graft for the second webspace are demonstrated.


Burn syndactyly of 4th web space with jumping man flap marked out.







Third web space with contracture demonstrated as well.







Jumping man flap elevated.







The five flaps of the jumping man Z-Plasty are inset significantly widening the previously narrowed webspace.






Z-Plasty of third webspace completed.







Defect of second webspace created by release of contracture, awaiting application of a full thickness skin graft for coverage.






Full thickness skin graft sutured in place.







Early postoperative healing wounds with contractures corrected.