Repair Extensor Digitorum Comminus (EDC) and Extensor Indicis Proprius (EIP). 

Lacerations of the dorsal aspect of the hand can cause injury to the extensor tendons. If they are lacerated proximal to the tendinous intersections an extension deficit may not be appreciated. Since the index and little finger have two extensor tendons each, the extensor digitorum comminus and the extensor indicis proprius or extensor digiti minimi respectively injury to only one of these also may not be appreciated. Therefore, exploration of these injuries is warranted so that an injury that may not have been evident by physical exam can be identified and repaired.


Transverse laceration of the dorsal aspect of the index finger distal to the tendinous intersections is visualized. Lack of extension to the index finger metacarpo-phalangeal joint confirms transection of both the EDC and EIP.






Dorsal view of the injury and extension lag.








Healed wound after repair of the EDC and EIP demonstrating full extension.







Lateral view confirming full extension after repair.